At EDA, our focus is on meeting the diverse needs of businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to various requirements. Whether it’s through our consulting services, software solutions, or other offerings, we are committed to putting our customers first and delivering the highest level of service possible




Our team help you to apply aerial intelligence to: develop and deploy pilot programs, scale without growing pains, and mitigate risk – all with the constant support of our UAS experts 

  • FEASIBILITY: Identify requirements and develop a tailored plan for your UAS business
  • REGULATIONS: Navigate the regulatory environment for your commercial UAS operations
  • INTEGRATION: Understand how to improve your business with UAS technology
  • CUSTOM ANALYSIS: Work with our geospatial experts to ensure data-driven results
  • TRAINING & SUPPORT: Receive guidance on every stage of your commercial UAS workflow

Our team help you to pick the right flight platform, depending on your specific goals: using and building the right platforms for your requirements

Sensors for UAS play a crucial role in developing data into real life use-cases: our team help you to pick the sensor / sensors applicable to your business. The industry applications for UAS sensors are limitless: sensors can identify plant disease, assess water quality, secure volume measurements, detect heat signatures and produce surface composition surveys, and more. Sensors easily connect with compatible UAS and can be swapped out to support a diverse set of enterprise needs




We help you to turn aerial data into business intelligence: whether you’re scouting thousands of acres of farmland or inspecting hundreds of thousands of utility towers, you will be able able to prevent issues before they cause critical problems, while delivering data accessibility and portability to your organisation. Precision agriculture and energy is becoming increasingly more reliable and enhances business efficiency

Cloud or server-based drone detection systems are capable of eliminating the threat of unauthorised UAS from accessing critical infrastructure and providing users with personal privacy. We offer systems that enable users to define geofences and notification criteria: users can track, report, and log drone activity as it occurs with instant text or email notification, and key a log of historical drone traffic. Our team offer customisable, multi-layered platforms for the verification and neutralisation of unauthorised drones

We are the forefront of developing bespoke AI solutions that leverage leading UAV technology. Using UAS, enterprises are capturing an unprecedented volume of aerial data. But, to unlock the data’s potential, business leaders need a systematic approach to aggregating, analysing, and actioning their aerial intelligence. Machine vision enables companies to unlock the potential of their aerial data

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Training facility: Lemek Conservancy Maasai Mara, Narok, Kenya