Expert Drones Africa specialise in managing and implementing bespoke and niche UAS projects – with a senior leadership team that brings over 50 years of combined experience across the continent

We have successfully provided bespoke services to clients looking to leverage their capabilities and networks in the following strategic areas:

  • Aviation (helicopter and fixed wing) charter services
  • Consultancy on market entry, regulatory environment, capacity building, registration, and agency establishment with respect to drones
  • Security support including CBP
  • Training of conservation rangers and wildlife teams
  • Remote logistics
  • Assembly of drone equipment and conservation tools
  • Developing of drone AI tools and establishment of techlabs
  • Financial analysis and valuation of drone ventures
  • Prefabricated & sustainable building solutions
  • Provision of 4WD vehicles for remote operations


We can build and project manage aerial seeding projects using specialised UAS equipment to disperse, track and monitor flight paths for aerial seeding. We are committed to COP26 climate change solutions and wants to use its technology to support afforestation projects in Africa.

  EDA Concierge

Procurement & Delivery

Risk Management

EDA through its connections and experience in remote and isolated countries has specific on the ground understanding in planning once in a lifetime experience. These include using manned aircraft to visit remote locations in Helicopters and or aircraft. EDA provide UAS services for photography and film that can be used on these expeditions

EDA has a large network supply chain and is able to deliver a range of UAS products to clients in remote parts of Africa. It is also able to support in the delivery of large-scale equipment to include vehicles for remote and hostile project work

EDA through its partners is able to provide risk management solutions and Training. Tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems transmit mission critical information & HD FMV over Satellite. Specialists in Surveying & Surveillance. Protecting Industrial, Commercial and Government assets. Maritime Surveillance Solutions that automatically detects objects in electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) aerial full motion video (FMV) from UAVs

Nairobi, Kenya | Arusha, Tanzania | Mahe, Seychelles | London, UK | Washington, USA

Training facility: Lemek Conservancy Maasai Mara, Narok, Kenya