EDA is a Kenya Civil Aviation Agency (KCAA) certified Unmanned Training Organisation (UTO) that is authorised to conduct UAS training for individuals and organisation to become Remote Pilot License holders which allows them to fly Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) in Kenya and globally. KCAA qualification is internationally recognized and can be converted.

The RPL course is a 6-day intensive course excluding travel days. The training is conducted in Lemek conservancy Maasai Mara.  As part of the course students will get to enjoy being down in the Maasai mara greater ecosystem.

The price of the course includes the following:Class 3x medical which will be done prior to the course in Nairobi; all KCAA admin fees and license fees; RPL theory and practical training, accommodation and basic meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Additional trainings:

RPL Instructor Training: 3-week intensive course

Kenya UAS Regulations Training including the use of KCAA ROMS system: 1-day Intensive course all about Kenya UAS regulations

Survey Mapping Training: UAS surveying courses provide dedicated content to enhance aerial mapping with the DJI RTK Systems. The content, prepared by our in-house training team and GIS specialists, is delivered online and in person via the Learning Management System. Courses include an in-depth end-to-end workflow guide to collecting and post-processing L1 LiDAR data. A separate Training includes set up RTK and provides operational best practises to deploy the UAS confidently, safely and effectively.

Ranger Training: EDA ranger training combine a range of best practises in anti-poaching, human wildlife conflict and wildlife monitoring techniques used by rangers to enhance security and protect wildlife.

EDA Customized training: EDA provide a range of customised training programmes for various industries ranging from public safety, emergency response, infrastructure and utilities.

Nairobi, Kenya | Arusha, Tanzania | Mahe, Seychelles | London, UK | Washington, USA

Training facility: Lemek Conservancy Maasai Mara, Narok, Kenya